imageWe are often being asked the question, will I be warm enough in this wetsuit?

Several factors will determine the answer , what is the water temperature, how deep will you go,how long will the dive be,how many dives will you do ,what are the surface conditions and of course do you feel the cold.

For Warm-Blooded Divers For Divers Prone to Cold
85 Degrees F (29 C) and Above Dive Skin
2 mm to 1 mm shorty

80 to 84 Degrees (26-28 C) 2 mm shorty to dive sking 2 mm to 1 mm fullsuit
73 to 79 Degrees (22-25 C) 3 mm fullsuit to 2 mm shorty 5 mm to 3 mm fullsuit
66 to 72 Degrees (18-21 C) 5 mm to 3 mm fuillsuit 7 mm to 5 mm fullsuit
50 to 65 Degrees (10-17 C) 8/7 mm semidry to 7 mm wetsuit Drysuit
Below 50 Degrees (Below 10 C) 8/7 mm semidry or drysuit
Enjoy the water from the nearest coffee shop.