Dive Sites

This dive site is great for Advanced Open Water Courses, whether doing a deep dive or multilevel dive. The depth starts at 15 metres and goes down to 29 metres. With some fish life including rainbow fish, cuttle fish and bream there are other items than fish to look at. See the rocks that make up this ragged sea bed and have a look in between to see what you can find, maybe an Octopus.

The Chapel

Situated in Cape Grecko this dive site is just below a lovely little Church that sits on the cliff top. Entry is in a beautiful secluded cave just to the right and down some steps if this picturesque church. Its a seated entry at 2 metres finishing at 22 metres. Following the cliff side round to the left there is plenty to see. The topography is spectacular and there is an abundance of fish life.

The Canyon

This beautiful site, situated in Cape Grecko is one of the more advanced sites here in Cyprus. Starting at about 1.5 metres with a seated entry and getting down to about 20 metres, the topography is simply breathtaking. Starting of in a huge canyon with one easy swim through, going out to an open sandy patch.
Following the wall to the left or right you will surely be amazed, with underwater mountains and an abundance of marine life and corals this will definitely get your scuba senses tingling.

Cyclops Cave

This site is not only poplar with divers but tourists too, for the cave that is in the rock face and the beautiful surrounding scenery. From a distance it is said to look like a cyclops eye. Looking out over the green bay and the blue hole, this is very picturesque and great if you like sunrises.
With a seated entry, starting at 3 metres and going all the way down to 60 metres this is a great site for not only open water but also those doing their advance or adventure dives. Whether it be Deep Diver, Peak Perfromance Bouyancy or Digital UnderwaterPhotography or even Underwater Navigation. The site is perfect for all.
The topography is also an amazing site, with mini canyons and plenty of fish life from wrasse to trumpet fish and sometimes sting rays.
This is another popular site here in Cyprus

ย The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is named fro its caves and swim throughs. Starting at about 1.5 metres and going down to 18 metres this site will surely amaze you.
The topography is made up of ancient molton rock, with a series of mini mountains. This is a fantastic site with much to see.
The cave starts off at 7 metres and as you come out the other side it finishes at 13 metres. Coming out of the other side it looks like you are entering a blue hole when in actual fact you are coming out into a lovely patch of sea grass just to the left, this is how it got its name. If you are really lucky Turtles have been seen resting and feeding in the sea grass.

Green Bay

Green Bay is one of the easier sites here in Cyprus. With an easy entry and exit point and a maximum of 12 meters this is a great site for the more newly qualified diver, also the more seasoned diver, with plenty to look at. The topography is fantastic, a variety of marine life, from wrasse, huge schools of trumpet fish, octopus and if you are really lucky turtles.
There are fragments of ancient amphorae on the seabed 12 metres underwater to be explored, and is a great opportunity for photography with visibility starting at around 45 metres