Dicover scuba diving                                                                          €65

Snorkeling Trip                                                                                    €30

Introductory Dives

One Dive€65
Two Dives€100
 Three Dives€140


Guided Dives – Guided Dives with Full Equipment

One Dive€45
Two Dives€80
 Three Dives€125
Four Dives€170
Five Dives€190
Six Dives€220
Seven Dives€250
Eight Dives€270


Guided Dives with Tanks & Weights

One Dive€40
Two Dives€70
Three Dives€100
Four Dives€130
Five Dives€160
Six Dives€190
Seven Dives€210
Eight Dives€240



Scuba Diver€250 (10 years+)
Open Water Diver€420
Adventure Diver€199
Advanced Open Water Diver€310
Rescue Diver€350
Rescue Diver and EFR€400
Assistant Instructor€TBC



Discover Tec
Tec 40 €450
Tec 45 €450
Tec 50 €450
Tec Trimix 65 €650 
Tec Trimix On request

Zenobia Day Trip Dives (Open Water And Above)
This is a day trip leaving at 8am and returning at 3pm, the cost includes transport, kit, lunch and two dives.

Day Trip                                                 €130
Zenobia Check Dive                             €25


Please contact us for further information and prices.


 *Discounts for three or more divers

We also offer free pick up from your hotel within a 10km radius.

Prices are correct on publication but are subject to change without notice.

If you wish to pay by PAYPAL please contact with your requirements

Credit Card payments incur a charge of 3.7%

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*Prices quoted include all tax, FREE manual and FREE Certification Card